Botanical Bookworm: “Rooted in Design”

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Rooted in Design by Tara Heibel & Tassy de Give (the two women behind Sprout Home Chicago and Sprout Home Brooklyn) is a book that delivers up one inspirational burst after another. Straight away I will admit, this does make a lovely “coffee table book”. With gorgeous photos galore, it’s quite easy on the eyes. However, it would be amiss for me to say this book lacks in the information department. There are just enough plant specific stats and DIY details in this piece to propel the novice plant enthusiast forward on his or her journey. So, how about that glaring question: is it a book for the weathered plantaholic as well? It just depends what you fancy. I love this book because I find it inspirational, and for me inspiration is one of the most useful things in the world. The primary focus of this book is getting people to rethink the way they incorporate plants into their (indoor) lives. In essence, this book is about displaying houseplants. You will find tips on choosing the right plant for the right location, caring for said plant, fabricating kokedama, creating terrariums, and so on. That said, if what you want is a tome of horticultural knowledge, please realize you are barking up the wrong tree. For me, this is a pleasure read which I find myself browsing through time and again.


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